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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 15, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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troutman and here we're all about finding the best videos and stories that the web has to offer and we're going to show them to you, "right this minute." can you say lawsuit? just a-released videos show shawna wilson tazed by a cop. >> she was hit in the crotch. >> and she is only 14 years old. we've got the ugly story. they shared their struggle to have a baby with the whole world. >> guess what's happened to them now? >> devon and erica break big news on "rtm." watch a gutsy move to save a stranded animal. >> poor little deer can't get its footing because it's slipping all over the ice. >> you'll meet our heroes of the day.
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see the guy coming home from the dentist. whose video is now going around the world. >> i do not want to be here. >> you don't? >> no. >> find out why a basketball star has him so upset. and how did stewart the dog learn to salsa? we've got the secret. we begin today's show with some after-school activity. steven, you have the full story? >> school's out for the day and we've got some rambunctious teenagers outside of this school in pennsylvania. one is 14-year-old shawna wilson. we see her walking with her friends. which suddenly jumps to her being held up against a parked car by this officer jason amani. according to a newspaper in the the lehigh valley, this is what happened. wilson is hit by a tazer and she goes down immediately. the thing is, wilson was hit in
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the crotch. >> oh, my god. >> and was taken to the hospital and had to have the probes removed. they're designed to go into, go through your clothes and into your skin. and stick into your skin. now, this incident was from back in september. but this video was recently released as evidence in a federal lawsuit against this police officer and the city of allentown that was filed by wilson's mother, victoria geist. in the lawsuit they're saying that the officer used excessive force. >> he clearly had her hands up. she wasn't jumping at him. she wasn't being rambunctious from what we're seeing. >> the police office says wilson, the girl, was crsing and inciting of pe story of why he had her against this car? >> there are apparently 100 seconds missing from the surveillance video. cameras didn't capture the incident that sort of led to her
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being reprimanded by this police officer. wilson was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, failure to disperse and walking on the highway. they're saying that the officer hit her with the stun gun below the belt because she held a book bag up to block the stun gun. >> did you see a book bag being held up? i saw her hands up, not the book bag. >> i saw her hands, no book bag. >> you be the judge on this one. i want to show you guys a video that our show obtained first. we posted it on our site yesterday. these birds are called eared grebes. you can see some of the birds here, you can see injuries. you can see blood. you can see blood on their wings. these guys were flying south for the winter. and crash-landed in cedar city, utah at about 11:30 at night on monday night. in a walmart parking lot, in football fields and in other snow-blanketed areas. we spoke to the utah division of wildlife resources spokesman,
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lynn chamberlain. he and his son shot this video. >> the storm and the low clouds do funny things with the light that comes through them from the city. such as cedar city. so they probably were confused over that. came down a little bit lower. came through the clouds, and saw this smooth parking lot that's well lit up, covered with two or three or four inches of snow at the time. looks for all the world like a body of water. a lake or a pond to those birds. and so, that's what they're after to try to land. and a confused state. they may have tried to land on that. and of course, when they hit the pavement instead of the water, obviously it was very rude awakening. >> these are marine birds, they have to have water to take off and to land. so thousands and thousands of these birds crash-landed over 1500 of them died on impact. >> these birds are small, they're only 12 to 14 inches long. but by far, the largest part of them is their body.
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and they have little short wings and they just tumble. and so when they tumble, they break wings, they break legs. some of them broke their neck and died instantly. so there are a lot of injuries. >> all of these utah division of wildlife personnel had to scoop them up, thousands of them. put them in boxes and drove them to washington county and released these birds into water that wasn't frozen over. >> from here they can sort of continue on their journey south, is that right? >> we were able to go back to the pond today where we released them and pretty much the whole 3 3,000 to 3,500 birds were still there. i wouldn't be surprised if most of these birds spend the winter right on the pond where they're at. if they decide to stay, they've got everything they need for food, shelt and protection right there at the pond. the brave work of a wisconsin cop and a good samaritan save this woman's life. [ sirens ] >> you're looking at dash cam
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video from officer matlyn's car. this is in wisconsin, a woman crash and the car is smoking. here comes the good samaritan running up to the cop car. in this video, these two for over a minute work to get the woman out of the car. >> is that fire we see? or is that maybe just steam? >> we don't see any flames, but there's definitely a lot of smoke. >> officer matlyn brings out a stick and busts out the window. the good samaritan still hanging around. hanging back, wanting to see what he can do. they get the door open, the cop climbs in and the rescue takes place. >> the officer didn't waste any time. he went up there, assessed the situation quick and before you know it he's breaking down the window. >> police are investigating what happened. they believe she had some type of medical condition that caused the accident. she was taken to the hospital and she was released. >> the car must have been on fire. typically they'll want the ems people to come in and stabilize her, make sure her neck and
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spine are in good shape before they take a person out of a car. >> it's cool to see the good samaritan right there with the police officer helping get this woman to safety. there's so much violence going on in syria, that you really always have to be on the lookout. this video appears to be just another day, everybody going about their business. you see a shop keeper, people riding their bikes, a motorcycle. but then a twist, you see the street sweeper exit the screen. and into the shot comes a man who is holding a rocket-propelled grenade. he takes a shot straight at an armored vehicle. >> what? >> wow. >> it appears that the street sweeper looks back and gestures at someone standing off to the side. you can't really tell what's going on. and in comes what seems to be a
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different man holding this rpg and takes the shot. >> what's so chilling about this is you see all of these other people, the men on their mopeds, on their bicycles just going about their day. and this guy looks like he's doing the same thing and suddenly it seems like he's on the lookout for a guy with a grenade launcher. >> he's saying allah akbar. god is great, god is great. >> when i first saw the video, i thought the street sweeper is the same guy who comes back with the rpg weapon. but it doesn't seem after looking at it again, that it's the same person. maybe he was just the lookout guy. >> lard to tell, but you do see him give a nod to like you say. it's hard to say. >> regardless of whether or not it's the same guy, it's just crazy to see somebody in a public space like this, on the street, a civilian with a huge
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weapon like that. in any case. >> our neighbors to the north up in canada, they're nice people. >> they are. >> they're nice. >> to black sturgeon lake in kenora, ontario, a couple of ice skaters found a little deer. >> it's exactly like bambi. >> like bambi and thumper in their christmas special. >> poor little deer can't get its footing. so these guys put together a couple of straps. it looks like maybe a life jacket there that they're using to make a little harness to see if they can slide the deer off the ice. they start to get it right. nothing quite works. you have to think, the deer is probably terrified of these guy taw>> at one point our litt buddy sort of exhausts himself. the guys are able to get the straps up underneath its legs of the deer. >> look at that. >> and --
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>> drags him across the ice. the deer finally realizes, all right, i see the land getting closer. i'm going to hang on for the ride. all right. the deer is saying -- >> by now he figured out, these guys are helping me. >> all right, eh? >> we have to lift her up, eh? >> come on, come on. >> probably exhausted. her muscles are probably shot. >> go. come on. >> come on. >> aw. >> he wants to hang out with his new friends. >> and the video ends there. >> so we don't actually see what happens? >> the camera man probably gave him a little extra oomph to get it to shore. what's that?
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no lions or tigers, but we've got bears, oh my. see what happened when this bear went undetected. >> i was looking for lunch, how did i get up here? >> it's winter but we're taking you back a few months, with some cool video on a jet ski. we've got the summertime good time later. and talk about living in the lap of luxury. but the staggering cost of this new york suite will make your jaw drop. >> the rent is high in new york, but that is pretty up there. >> see the place ha will make you wish you had more dough to blow.
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look, up on the top of the dump truck, it's a bear! in downtown vancouver. that bear's estimated to be about 18 months old. and they don't know how he got to downtown vancouver
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undetected. usually something like that gets spotted by people. well, the guys in the dump truck said hey, something fell out of one of the dumpsteres we just put in there. they found the bear on top of it. with the two sanitation workers said. they said they were tipping the bin and the bear came out. he crawled up on the roof like hey, what's going on here. >> i'm sure he was like, i was just looking for lunch, how did i get up here? >> he was probably warm in there, surrounded by all that garbage. he was eating whatever he could find. >> they call him the animal control guy, that pole you see him poking him with. that has a tranquilizer in it. they jabbed him with it. as you can see, he got kind of sleepy. >> he's like guys, there's a lot of food here. >> that's when the medication started to take effect. >> this is like some really good -- stuff. >> the good thing is they took him to the squamish conservation area where he was released. only 18 months old, basically he's a toddler.
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away from mom, looking for food. >> if i had a jar of honey, i would take it to him. do you all remember this little girl? too cute. so cute. i brought you this video a couple of months ago, this is olivia. this was a viral video. we interviewed her father, devon and found out that little olivia was an invitro baby. guess what's happened to them now? >> what's the news? >> they were able to do another ivf session with the money they've made through youtube. so that they could have another child. and their youtube channel is called devon and erica. they have a new video where they go through the ivf cycle. >> there's going to be another baseline ultrasound. i'm going to get more hormonal blood work drawn. >> it's very personal. >> i'm also on patches, hormone patches. >> and they talk about the entire process. they shot the video on october 23rd. but they didn't post it until december 13th.
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>> because? >> let's find out. we have devon and erica, via skype "right this minute" to tell us their big announcement. >> we found out yesterday that we are pregnant. >> yeah. congratulations, that's so great. >> we're keeping it as a secret. >> i'm not pregnant. >> i'm sorry, but i am. >> there are plenty of videos to come. the doctors brought us in to where we did the transfer and i got video of the actual ivf transfer on the ultrasound. >> so your child will actually be able to watch how they were conceived? >> yes. >> you got really, really personal about it. how did that feel for you? >> i think it's helping peop es out. knowing what they're in for. >> what has been you the response from your subscribers? >> all our social networking sites blew up once the announcement was made. >> i got about 500 messages in a
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couple of hours. i have no idea how i'm going to respond to every one of those comments. >> you could do one big blanket response right now on "right this minute." >> thank you to all of our supporters. if it wasn't for your support, we wouldn't have been able to afford this, this invitro cycle. >> we're so excited for you guys. >> bye. >> bye! steven, we've seen videos that say how to wrap a cat, it went viral. how to wrap a dog, that's going viral. but this is the one i really like. how to wrap a kid. ♪ ♪ what's so funny is that the little girl gets into it. she's like, okay, i'll sit here. >> i'm glad you showed me this video. because the hot holiday gift this season is in fact a toddler. >> really? >> tell me about it. >> toddlers have been sold out across the country and people don't know how to wrap them. now it looks like we do. >> where do you get a toddlers.
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>> toddlers r us. >> i didn't know it was a hot gift. do you think my parents would like one? >> maybe. if i wake up on christmas morning and there's a wrapped-up toddler under my tree? i'm going to be pretty freaked out. >> you're not going to unwrap it. >> i'll take that one back, hopefully it has a receipt. next time on "right this minute" -- >> chad styles, dancing machine. >> i think we all should start our day every day with this video. because it puts you in good mood. that's next time on "right this minute." to russia, where crossing the street is a sport. >> whoa! >> we'll show you what happens. and we've got the great tech gifts for your christmas list. >> here's the real question -- >> no, no, no, no questions until we come back! ♪
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[ female announcer ] this time of year you have a lot of festive meals. and safeway helps make every holiday meal a special occasion. so you can make all of your gatherings, just as merry as can be. get a boneless beef loin ny strip roast for just $4.99 a pound. pair it with a nicely priced malbec. we have thousands of wines. and we'll help you find the right one. safeway. ingredients for life. nick, we're no strangers to cool surfing video on the show. >> sometimes we just show them because they just -- make you feel cool when you watch. check out this from popular surfing spot in ireland called mullaghmore. you see some pretty big waves out there. and the camera zooms in and you see the surfer riding this giant wave. he looks tiny out there, first of all. >> you're right, you don't
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realize how big that wave is until -- >> right. you see how tiny he is. >> he rides on the very end and he's still standing. this thing never knocks him over. according to the irish weather buoy network, this video was filmed on the same day that record waves were recorded in ireland. apparently, waves reached as tall as 67 feet on the same day this video was taken. >> so there's a possibility that this surfer could have been riding a record-breaker? >> right. he was out there on the day that the record-breaking waves were recorded in ireland. this dude is basically killing it. >> to russia. where being a pedestrian is a death-defying experience every day. here we are, riding along with a dash cam on board. this car starts slow down. we see a couple of pedestrians beginning to cross the street. they're fine. >> whoa! >> oh! wow! >> no! >> yeah. >> not a good place to get stuck, on the train tracks. >> what's interesting is it
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seems like it might be a marked crosswalk, they just don't mark them like we do. but apparently somebody wasn't ready for that. >> it looks like the people are walking over to the train platform. >> yes. >> and can you see pedestrian signs, it looks like there's a blue one on the left and the right. pretty crazy, but like i said, walking around in russia is dangerous any time. >> here's another one. >> oh, yes. you tell me -- you could have said so earlier. this guy is sitting in traffic, between a bunch of trucks and here's a pedestrian. she kind of walks between the traffic. stops -- whoops. >> whoa! >>t to blame the girl in the hat on this one. >> the one thing they always taught us and they drive on the same side of the road as we do, is look left, right and left. this is like, i'll just look
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right. >> she's not crossing at a crosswalk, she's in the back of a truck, crossing between a truck and a car. >> the reason i show these videos to you ---or careful when you're walking around in russia. >> yeah. >> thanks again, russia. we'll take a quick stroll down memory lane. remember these guys? >> yeah. >> uh-huh. >> they're playing what song, nick? >> "sandman" from metallica. >> this is the mini band, they've been hugely popular. people are watching their videos all over the globe. we just had their original song on our show a couple of days oong. metallica had a little something to say about the mini band. >> oh, my goodness. >> the mini band is on the television screen and then slowly the camera pans over. [ cheers and applause ] >> the whole band. it's metallica. >> by the time you guys are our age you're going to be so incredibly great. >> you guys are very cool. maybe one day we could work something out and we could come out and open up for all y'all.
9:25 am
>> metallica wants to open for them. >> the kids in the mini band were probably negative 15 when the "sandman" came out. >> that's a cool endorsement. >> they gave a shout-out to each mini band member. >> joey and harry and harrison and -- >> archie. >> and all you guys -- >> charlie. >> you guys rock. >> leo, the band's manager and the band's teacher, he put this video on our facebook page. that's how we found it. metallica posted it for them in november. >> what a cool feeling for leo, too. that his work is now manifesting itself in such a huge way like this. >> i can't wait to go to the mini band concert. >> when they grow up, they're going to need a different name. people that decorate for the holidays, especially at work, like a christmas tree or a bow. this guy took his cubicle decorations to the max. ♪
9:26 am
♪ >> the lights up with the song "wizards in winter" by the trans-siberian, traxt apparently he uses a programmable platform, like a big microchip. i think he probably won his office contest for best decorated cubicle. >> does he have a slot machine outside his cubicle. >> is that an r2d2? >> i like how he has a fully-decorated christmas tree in his cubicle. how big is his cubicle? >> i hope it's not like a customer service call center. because the people are like -- i can't hear you, i'm sorry, what? >> i think this is a slot machine production office. here's a slot machine. it looks like he's got one inside his cubicle. i think they test slot machines in this place. >> this one works. >> this one works. >> three minutes of lights syncing with the music, the
9:27 am
beats, the lights. >> i hope he didn't do did on the clock. newly-released surveillance video shows a struggle between three cops and a woman. >> she's handcuffed. she can't defend herself. >> hear why this video has a lot of people thinking it's the cops who should have been restrained. and what if a hotel chain told you to find a hidden art piece and steal it? >> i've never seen hotel art i want to steal. >> what if you knew it's worth $15,000? we'll give you a hint on where to find the hidden masterpiece.
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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman and it's time for more, "right this minute."
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a truck plows into a store, backwards. >> this wasn't an accident? >> no, this wasn't an accident. this was a burglary. >> we've got details on a whole new kind of smash and grab. what are desperate people looking for online? gifts for their techie friend we consulted our tech-spert to steal his ideas. we all know what happens if you suck in a balloon full of helium. but ha is this guy sucking to make him sound like this? ♪ bells on boebtails ring and it's got leather walls with gold and it will cost you $165,000 -- a month. we start off this half hour of our show with a story tha r and it's a shopping spree of sorts, right, nick? >> it's been a couple of weeks since black friday. but there's still some
9:31 am
doorbuffer sales going on. to kansas city, missouri we see the front stores of gordman's department store after midnight on sunday night, december 4th. >> gee. >> oh. >> in reverse? >> this guy backs his pickup truck right through the front doors of the department store and just starts shopping. >> this wasn't an accident? >> oh, no, this wasn't an accident this was a burglary. here you see him loading up his truck with as much stuff as he can get his hands on. primarily what he's getting is women's clothes. when he fools like he's got enough, he jumps back in the cab and tries to make his getaway. >> tries? >> he's stuck. rams the gas, squeels the tires, fills the place up with smoke. he got away with about $800 worth of clothes. but he did close to $80,000 in damage to the gordman's department store. >> why did he not go through the
9:32 am
hole he created the first time he went in? >> i think there are a lot of why's we could make in this video. like why you would try it in the first place. >> the did he really not think there would be security cameras that could capture his license plate number. >> the face, the jacket he's wearing, there's a whole bunch of dumb criminal moves here. but the police did manage to find the suspect in the burglary. they said they followed gordman's price tags to his back door. >> he left them a handful of gretel trails. >> that's what he did. >> we show a lot of surveillance footage on this show of criminals being caught in the act. in this case, it's police officers, this video was posted by the turkey news. this surveillance camera shot is from inside a police office and these are police officers -- hitting this woman. >> you're kidding me. >> and then they the woman down
9:33 am
on the ground. this incident happened in july this video just surfaced and it has outraged the people in turkey. the woman's name is fezi fezia gingez. >> he open-hand slapped her in the face. >> she's handcuffed. she can't defend herself. >> in july, this woman apparently according to reports, was at a music hall or a club, with her husband and her family. and the police came into the music hall performing an i.d. check. and this woman's husband, according to reports, went to the car to get this woman's i.d. according to this woman, the police started yelling at her, grabbed her and put her in a police car to take her to the police station. the officer said that she pushed them, that she scratched one of the officer's arms and that she swore at them. they face one and a half years in prison on charges of causing injury with excessive force. gingez faces up to six and a half years in jail on the
9:34 am
grounds that she injured and insulted a police officer. and the governor just dismissed these three police officers, meaning he fired them from their positions as policemen. the art series hotels down under, want you to steal some of their art. >> i've never seen hotel art i want to steal. >> me either. >> that art you're looking at is a banksy. for those people who don't know, banksy is a very well-known british graffiti artist. his work is known in l.a. as well as in london. he was also the subject of the academy award-nominated film "exit through the gift shop." i think it's funny that they're saying steal banksy in this contest. because banksy's art has been stolen. there was a charlie brown picture he put outside of a building in l.a. that was stolen. also, a few years ago, a group of bandists removed a section of a wall that he had done an etching around and said no ball
9:35 am
games. well this no ball games picture is what the hotel wants you to steal. >> it's worth about $15,000. but here's the deal -- you have until january 15th to steal it. and you can't get caught while you're taking it. and if you take it, they'll let you keep it. >> there's one original banksy picture somewhere in one of their hotels and it's up to you to find it? >> the art series hotels are in australia, they have three of them. and the art will circulate between all three, you just have to go find it. >> they've got a surveillance camera on. how are you not going to get caught? this is just advertising this is just them trying to get me come stay at their hotel. >> we could disguise ourselves as hotel workers. >> we could. >> we could get a cart, some towels, shampoo. roll it right past. everybody sees it. >> if you guys had 165,000 in this economy -- you would have a lot of things you could do with
9:36 am
it, right? >> yeah. >> this is a suite in the plaza hotel in new york city. which you can rent, a month for $165,000. >> the rent is high in new york. but that is -- pretty up there. >> it's a four-bedroom apartment with six bathrooms. >> you could buy at least a house a month for that. >> the 5,000 square-foot apartment once belonged to alfred wynn vanderbilt and some time later to john, jacob astor and sometime after that it became the presidential suite hosting the likes of jfk. the owner of this apartment paid $30 million for the space. >> are you kidding me? >> paid several million more to have it renovated. and furnished with 18th, 19th and 20th-century furniture that is hand-hammered leather walls in the master bathroom. that were then finished with
9:37 am
gold. >> gold walls? >> gold brushed. >> has anyone rented this space yet? >> no. >> shocking, really? >> such a deal! >> you could buy it for between $45 million and $55 million if you wanted to own it. >> you might be able to afford maybe an hour in this place, that breaks down to about $229. >> shocking that no one has taken them up on this offer yet. meet stewart, the salsa-dancing dog. >> stewart's got the beat. but what's really going on here? the story behind this viral video hit. this guy just got his wisdom teeth pulled and it's not funny. >> i'm not dwight howard. >> okay, it's funny. we've got the things coming out of his mouth after the te
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state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question.
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jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.
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. the internet has brought us many hilarious post-dentist videos. and the latest one, the patient has a little peculiar obsession. >> hi. >> hi. >> how is it going? >> good. i'm going to miss dwight howard. >> marshall, who just had his wisdom teeth removed, is really upset that dwight howard, star of the orlando magic, might be getting traded in the near
9:41 am
future. >> what about dwight howard? >> he's not going to be here. >> he's not? >> no. i'm getting married in august. >> i know. >> and then we're going to adopt dwight howard as my first child. >> and he also mentions that dwight howard is just such a good guy. >> dwight howard come visit before he goes bye-bye. >> should come visit you? >> yeah. >> call him up on your phone. >> i don't have dwight's number. >> yes, you do. >> he's such a good guy. >> does he have tighty-whiteys on his head? >> i just want one more thing before dwight leaves, i want to give him a big hug. >> you want to give him a big hug? >> it would being an awkward hug, though, because he's so big and i'm not that big. >> they say any kind of drug brings out the real focus of your world. >> he's such a good guy.
9:42 am
such a good guy. steven, time for the beth and steven tech holiday gift tutorial. one of the things that people are searching for online right now, gifts for their techie friend. >> we've all got that nerdy, techie friend. >> we've found the top 20 favorite tech gifts, all from techies. we found this at zdnet. i'm going to go through a couple of them. these are ear phones. but look what this does. it basically isolating all the noise from the rest of the world. airplane engines, traffic noise. >> here's the real question, will they stay in my ear when i'm jogging? because they're always falling out. then you've got to wear the ear phones with the headband around your ear phones, so they stay in. i've done that. >> you do? >> yes, embarrassing. >> i want to know what zach's favorite tech is.
9:43 am
>> me, too. he's our tech guy, let's find out. >> always readily available for us, zach. that's what i like about you. >> thank you. >> what was one of your favorite gifts? >> this is a sliding keyboard case for the iphone. a lot of people complain that the iphone doesn't have an actual tactle keyboard. what this does is it adds on a case and underneath the phone itself is a little keyboard that slides out. it's blue tooth connected and you can just type on it like a key board. >> and it prekds your iphone at the same time? >> yes. >> and it's $25? >> yeah, they've got a special running, $25. >> i know what i'm going to get my friend who is a tech expert. i'm going to get him this link. >> in that case, we're going to give gifts to all of our viewers. because we are putting this link on our website, >> how about that. okay, wait for it -- just wait. there it is., it's worth
9:44 am
looking at. that's it. back to the show. a jet ski go pro camera and so much fun. >> i like this part. >> sit back and enjoy a little bit of summer to warm you on a winter day. and to warm your heart a bit, we've got this little guy. still ahead. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew.
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at
9:47 am great videos all day long. >> meet stewart the salsa-dancing dog. ♪ ♪ >> what? >> he's got look some serve yio hip action. >> something doesn't look right. >> and i looked closely at it. >> at first it's really funny. but then i'm look, this dog is actually tied to a stool. and i started feeling really bad for the dog. i'm like, are they putting him up to this? we found out that stewart is actually rescued by the owners of this bar that he is dancing at. and apparently, he does this all the time. he apparently saw people dancing like this and started doing it. but couldn't balance. so apparently he uses this leash to balance himself. >> is it possible that the daulg
9:48 am
could see people dancing and mimic that? >> no, i legreally don't think but it's in puerto rico, so you can't help but dance. >> the hips don't lie. >> they ain't lying. >> it's fun to believe that one day i'll learn to dance like that. okay, it's time for a little science lesson. today we're going to work with sulfur hexachloride. >> i love that stuff. >> this video was uploaded to the drill well youtube channel. >> in celebration of the holiday season, we got something -- >> i have to say, i think holiday season is like eggnog, can candy cane, sulfur hexachloride. >> it's five time as dense as the air around us. he'll do experiments to show how dense it is. he's got a little box made out
9:49 am
of tinfoil. he's going to place it in the fish tank. >> so it's like a little raft of tinfoil? >> it just sits there, it can hold up the object because of the density of the sufficient fehr fur sulfur hexachloride. he takes a measuring cup and starts dipping it into the fish tank and powuring this gas into this little box that he's created. >> i'm going to die right now. >> this is crazy. >> this behaves like a liquid. >> because it's an insert gas, it does not support combustion. >> they're able to disperse like a gas would, but they're heavier than the air. he goes further with a little kid's funnel maker. >> look at that.
9:50 am
back in the fish tank and the bubbles just sit there on top of the gas. >> it's freaking with your brain, isn't it? >> yeah. >> we all know what happens if you suck in a balloon of helium, right? >> yes. >> no! ♪ ♪ >> it sounds like when there's disguising someone's voice like on a police phone call. >> we definitely need some of this at our christmas party. >> this guy's like a wizard. >> or he just paid attention in class. >> yeah. i was passing love notes during chemistry. >> ho ho ho. >> middle of winter, kind of cold and snowy in some parts of the country. let's bring it back to the summer. >> in long island, new york, a couple of guys out on a jet skis, they took all their summer footage, finally got around to editing and uploading, this is a
9:51 am
whole summer's worth of good times, a lot of it from hurricane irene and the hurricane as well as, you see these guys catching some sick an object their jet skis, i like this part, the through the marsh lands. through the narrow channels. >> you can't tell us this is sped up? >> it's not sped up, dude. >> and the gras because it's so close to you. he's going faster. >> i think he started going faster. >> all part of the fun. >> you could take the jet ski under water for a second. i want to see that with the go pro. >> oh. ask and you shall receive. there it is. remember the video that got everyone talking about men and womenbeing fri? >> be just friends? >> one guy has a funny rebuttal. >> there weren't any black people.
9:52 am
russian people, didn't see any little children. >> hear what he has to say with his slipper, next.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
commercials are supposed to get you to know a product and sometimes cause some emotion. i've got two i want to show you. this is a done dmcdonald's commercial in germany. hes his fries and the bullies come and take them. and then he gets really smart. >> oh! >> yeah. so he outsmarted the bullies. >> let's head over to burger king in russia. where burger king says we have a lot more fun. ♪ ♪ >> the burgers are gigantic. they were as big as this guy's face. >> this is not just any burger
9:56 am
king, this is burger king russia. do you expect any less? >> absolutely not. lion cub tries to roar. [ lion cup trying to roar ] >> i have to do a better job of hiding my gum. you remembered the video that christian showed us last week about whether or not men and women can be just friends. the videos that the guys made started a huge conversation on our facebook page and got tons of views. i've got a response video to show you. a guy named steven jones says the guys from utah state left a few things out. >> all the people in the video are attractive women and they're all white. did he do any rugly ugly women?
9:57 am
did you see some ugly women? there weren't any black people. russian people. >> he goes on to make his video, a parody of the utah state video. you see he's got a sfiffer duster. >> for a mike. >> pretty sure that was steve there with some -- i think he takes care of his ugly person demographic. how cute is the little kid. >> can men and women be just friends? >> i think that's a yes. >> guys and girls -- can't just be friends. >> i feek feel like they can. >> they, yes can. >> people seem to think just because you think someone is handsome or pretty, you can't be friends with that person, because then there's not friendship. >> if there's special attention,
9:58 am
or sexual attention, they not be friends. >> when you kiss a woman, particularly on mouth or the neck right here, to me that's friendship. you can't get more friendly than that, you know what i mean? >> that's going to do it for another edition of "right this minute." we'll leave you with one more look at stewart the salsa-dancing chihuahua. we hope you have a great rest of your day, everybody and remember you can see fantastic videos and stror stories at stror stories at we'll see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
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